Complete Travel and Business Related Expense Policy


This policy has been prepared as guidance in identifying legitimate travel and business related expenses incurred in carrying out necessary, authorized business and/or service projects of Steel City Mennonite Church. Authorized travelers may obtain reimbursement within the limitations set forth below. Careful stewardship of financial resources is the desired outcome of this policy.

Personal Vehicles

Use of personal vehicles is reimbursed on an actual mileage basis for the business portion of the trip. Reasonable mileage must be calculated for the most direct route. The mileage rate is set in accordance with that established by the federal government. Mileage allowances cover all operating costs, including repairs, insurance, fuel, depreciation, towing and other auto related expenses. The reimbursement rate includes a component for liability and collision insurance and therefore the church will not reimburse individuals for the deductible incurred in an accident on church business.


When a personal vehicle is driven on church business and is involved in an accident, the vehicle's owner's insurance policy will be liable. Individuals are responsible for reporting all accidents to their insurer and to contact the Senior Pastor and/or Church Council Chairperson.

Automobile Rental

Rental of an automobile is permitted when necessary for individuals traveling on behalf of the Steel City Mennonite Church (SCMC). Such rental will be allowed and reimbursed on the following basis:

  • A traveler is expected to rent mid-size or smaller vehicles unless there are several travelers in the SCMC group. Travel claims must include the justification for rental of other than mid-sized vehicles.

  • Travelers must decline all additional insurance at the time of rental. Reimbursement for additional insurance will be declined.

    Car rental agreement and gasoline receipts are required when seeking reimbursement for rental cars. Credit card receipts are not sufficient for reimbursement.

    Enterprise Rent–A-Car is our preferred vendor for automobile rentals for SCMC-related travel.

Lodging Information

Travelers are expected to utilize economical accommodations. Reimbursement for lodging may not exceed the normal rate for a standard room. If an individual is attending a conference, use of the conference hotel is appropriate.

Reimbursement must be documented by an original itemized hotel bill and receipt. The receipt must state the amount of the charge, date, name and location of the establishment and an explanation of the charge. Express checkout service, where the hotel bill is placed under the guest's door on the morning of departure, is an acceptable receipt if the above requirements are stated. Charges for lodging, taxes, meals, phone calls, parking, internet or other services must be itemized. Personal expenses charged to the hotel bill such as alcoholic beverages, in-room movies, laundry, mini bar service, grooming, or exercising expenses are not allowable and are not eligible for reimbursement.

Meals Reimbursement

Meal expenses and any tips related to meals will be reimbursed via the meal and incidentals per

diem. The claim for reimbursement should represent only those meals consumed and paid for by the individual while on church or service travel. Travel throughout the day could put traveler in several places with differing per diems. The traveler is eligible for the meal per diem in effect for the location where the individual spends the night. For the final travel day, the per diem in effect will be that of the prior night's stay.

There is no meal allowance for travel of 10 hours or less within the same calendar day. When the travel period is more than 10 hours but less then 24 hours, you may claim expenses for those meals for which you were not at home.

If meals are provided by a conference or host, then the meal per diem for that trip will be adjusted to correspond with the meals that were provided. In the event that all meals for a day are provided by a conference, no meal per diem can be claimed.

Domestic Per Diem Rates

(As indicated and updated by the U.S. General Services Administration) Domestic Daily Rate Breakdown:

Total per day




































Policy Practice Statement

Expense Reports

A Travel & Expense reports must be completed in order for an individual to be reimbursed for church business expenses. Expense reports must be turned in within 10 days from returning from travel and/incurring expense. Personal expenses will not be reimbursed and any included in an expense report will be deducted from the payment.


All paid receipts for charges over $25.00 to be attached to the expense report.

Travel Advance

Travel advances are considered the exception and not the rule when an individual travels on church business. If a travel advance is necessary, then a travel advance request must be completed, with sufficient notice prior to the travel date in order to process the payment in a timely manner.

Non-Reimbursable Travel-Related Expenses

The following expenses are not allowable:

  • Entertainment expenses.

  • Fines for parking or traffic violations.

  • Repair or insurance of personal automobiles.

  • Theft, loss or damage of personal luggage and effects. Individuals should work directly

    with the airline and credit card insurance carrier to recover damages.

  • Membership dues in private or social clubs and organizations.

  • Contributions/Donations

  • Personal travel expense, e.g., personal entertainment/gifts, costs for business clothing,

    haircuts, reading material, toiletries, medicine, laundry, etc.

  • Passenger insurance, e.g., flight insurance.

  • Additional insurance on rental cars.

  • Normal commuting cost.

  • Movies (in room and in flight movies)

  • Cash advance fees from through ATM bank locations, hotels, or any other location where

    case advances can be obtained

  • Alcoholic beverages

The above non-reimbursable items are not to be considered all inclusive.

Adopted by Church Council on December 10, 2012

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