Nursery Guidelines for Nursery Staff

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the Worship Service.  Place your personal belongings in a secure place.

Take attendance as children arrive and note any instructions/requests made by parents, i.e., food allergies, permission to change diapers.  A Nursery Information Card must be on file for each child in the Nursery.  These are kept in the card file box on the windowsill.  

Interact with the children.

Serve snack and water to children.  Snack will be provided.  Wash the children’s hands before snack.

The only children over age four permitted in the nursery are those who are 12 years of age AND are scheduled on the Nursery Schedule provided by the Church Secretary OR a parent(s) is(are) on the Nursery Schedule and need to have their children with them for their convenience

Straighten up the room and turn off lights prior to leaving.

Please dispose of dirty diapers in the dumpster at the lower edge of the parking lot at the end of your time in the nursery.

Church Contact Info

Steel City Mennonite Church

2137 Mixsell Avenue

Bethlehem, PA 18015

(610) 865-4899

Service Times

Saturday Night Alive - 7:00pm (Starting September 28)

Sunday Morning - 9:30am
Sunday School - 11:00am