Mission Policy

Adopted by Church Council, June 17, 2013

We believe that a great commitment to the great commandment and the great commission will grow a great church. It is our desire to support missionaries and mission agencies locally, nationally and globally. We give priority to financially supporting missionaries who have connections with our congregation and who are fully accountable to a sending agency or mission board.

Our vision and strategy for sending and supporting short-term missionaries is based in our belief that lives are forever changed when people are exposed and involved in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of others. We encourage annual congregation- based service/witness projects geared for all ages. We will promote options from other organizations that have a strong evangelical witness, such as Operation Christmas Child (Samaritan’s Purse), Health Kits (Mennonite Central Committee), Mennonite Disaster Service, and others. We also promote longer-term involvement for youth through accredited organizations. We expect news and a regular flow of information from each person that we support financially.

Our vision and strategy for sending and supporting long-term missionaries is as follows:

1. We recognize and support missionaries serving under an established Mission Board or Sending Agency.

2. We recognize and support national leaders who are ministering in their own country within an organization for spiritual and fiscal accountability, and have some relationship with our congregation.

3. We expect each missionary to have some systematic training appropriate to their assignment, tested through congregational responsibilities, and approved or credentialed by a recognized evangelical body.

4. Each Mission Board or Sending Agency we support must be fully recognized and a member of a creditable board of financial accountability with regular financial reporting.

5. Our financial support through a budgeted line item will be reviewed annually by the Senior Pastor, Church Council and Finance Commission.

6. We expect news and a regular flow of information from each person we support financially.

7. For those missionaries not operating under the authority of a Mission Board or Sending Agency, the Senior Pastor, in consultation with the Board of Elders, may grant opportunities for them to share with the congregation about their work and to seek financial support. On these occasions, upon action of the Finance Commission, financial support may be channeled through SCMC for a charitable contribution receipt.

Responsibilities of Each Party

The Mission Board or Sending Agency will give spiritual covering and regular ministry review and support to the missionary. It will arrange for a representative to annually visit the missionary and/or during any crises. It will provide logistical support such as assistance in acquiring visas, housing, travel arrangements, and other planning details. It is responsible to channel finances, help establish a personal and ministry budget, manage payroll, and assist the missionary with tax issues. The Mission Board or Sending Agency will give re-entry orientation for each returning missionary, including help with temporary housing, transportation, and financial support to ease returning adjustments.

Steel City Mennonite Church is committed to regular intercession for all the missionaries we support, and will encourage individuals to communicate regularly with them, especially on special days, sending letters, gifts, phone calls, and keeping them informed about developments in the home congregation and area. The congregation will give re- entry support in cooperation with the Mission Board or Sending Agency.

The Missionary will focus on the type of ministry that has been discerned for him/her/them in consultation with the Mission Board or Sending Agency. Before deployment, missionaries must agree to be accountable to a sending agency or board, submit to training, testing, and orientation, have at least 80% projected financial needs pledged or provided, and be approved or credentialed by a respected evangelical body. They will provide monthly ministry and financial reports to the Mission Board or Sending Agency and a monthly prayer and praise letter to the local congregation.

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