General Guidelines for Building Use, January 2012


Steel City Mennonite Church (SCMC) is built to honor and glorify God.  Any services, meetings or activities that are held here should be in general agreement with the character and theology of the congregation. 

Members and regular attendees may use the facilities at no cost.  SCMC will not rent the facilities to persons outside our church family, with the exception for weddings held in our sanctuary with Pastor David officiating or for members in good standing of another Mennonite congregation.  In these cases, the established rental rates will be assessed.

Reservations for the facilities will be handled by the Church Secretary and permission will be given on a first come basis.  There will be no usage of facilities before 2:00 p.m. on Sunday (set up may begin at 1:00 p.m.).  Church ministries take precedence over any facility usage by members or regular attendees.  Set up and clean up (returning everything back to its original state) will be the responsibility of the person(s) reserving the facility.  Donations for usage are encouraged.

Following is a list of fees which will be charged when renting church facilities in the situation mentioned above:


Fellowship Hall 

One Room:                               $75.00*   (includes use of refrigerator, sinks, outlets, microwave, coffee pots, utensils -- no stove or oven use)

Each additional room:             $50.00

Full kitchen use:                       $25.00     (the kitchen is to be used only with rental of the fellowship hall)

Entire Fellowship Hall:         $175.00* (includes all 4 rooms and full use of kitchen)

 *Upon inspection, if it is determined that these General Guidelines have been followed,

$25.00 of the fee charged for use of the Fellowship Hall will be refunded to the user.

 Non-member Fee for Weddings or Funerals

Sanctuary:                               $200.00     (includes sound system and operator)

Fellowship Hall:                      fees are as listed above                        


We DO NOT rent the facilities to non-members. (However, special circumstances will be considered by Church Council.)

Request for use of facilities must be scheduled through the Church Secretary who will notify the pastor and the fellowship commission chairperson.  Request in writing should be made at least thirty (30) days in advance.  Request forms are available in the church office.

Any portion of the building used shall be returned to its former condition.  Furniture placed in order, items put away and the area cleaned.  Activities are limited to the facilities and rooms requested.  Activities shall not extend beyond the hours approved in the request. 

Any damage to property, rooms or building will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the Church Board and at a cost to the person or group responsible.

A trustee, custodian, or other designated church member shall be present when the building is being used for non-congregational events.  For use of sound system, a qualified technician from our congregation is to be present to operate.

No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are permitted anywhere on the premises.  Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the building, and is not permitted in front of or around the sanctuary entrance.

All activities should be planned and controlled, keeping in mind that you are in a church building.  Use of the building is a privilege and shall be treated as such.

Please ask permission before fastening anything to walls or ceiling.  No tape is allowed.

Please protect carpet, furniture, etc. from dripping wax.

Trash must be placed in plastic bags and placed in the dumpster.

If it snows, SCMC cannot be responsible to see that the parking lot is plowed open.

SCMC or its staff is not responsible for personal injuries or lost or stolen articles.

Extenuating circumstances may take precedence over other activities. (i.e. funerals)


The kitchen is available for congregational fund-raisers but is not licensed for public fundraising meals--i.e. sub sales, pancake breakfasts, etc.

A Fellowship Commission person or other designated person must be present for all functions.  All food must either be prepared by a licensed caterer or the family responsible for kitchen use.

The coffee pot, coffee and water pitchers may be used.

All utensils and serving pieces, including silverware may be used, and must be washed and put back in its proper place.

Tablecloths are not provided.

Paper products (hot/cold cups, plates, napkins, and plastic ware) are provided for church functions ONLY.  Food staples and condiments are not to be used.

The oven, stove, refrigerator and freezer may be used to keep things hot or cold.

Kitchen clean-up should include:  Wiping the counters, inside of refrigerator, stove and ovens if used.  All tables and chairs should be returned to their proper place.

 It is the responsibility of the Fellowship Commission person or other designated person to leave the church facilities in proper order, lights out and doors locked when finished.


Office equipment is to be used primarily for church work and functions, not for personal use.  Use of office equipment shall be by office personnel only.  Members of the congregation may use copier to make copies; a charge of five cents per copy is to be paid.

Only designated chairs and tables are available to be borrowed.  A minimal fee will be charged to help defray replacement costs.  The fee will be $5.00 per table and $1 per chair.  All persons borrowing items from the church must sign them out through the Church Secretary.  No Exceptions.  All borrowed items must be returned in a timely fashion and any damages reported to the Church Secretary.

Tent (20’X40’) is available for rental.  The fee will be $50 per event.

Only trained persons shall operate the sound equipment.

Electronic equipment shall not be removed from premises for personal use.


Church Contact Info

Steel City Mennonite Church

2137 Mixsell Avenue

Bethlehem, PA 18015

(610) 865-4899

Service Times

Saturday Night Alive - 7:00pm (Starting September 28)

Sunday Morning - 9:30am
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