Guidelines for Greeters

Arrive at church 20 minutes prior to the beginning of the service.

Be positive and cheerful, smile and have a pleasant countenance.  Your attitude contributes to the experience of others.  Greet people with a warm smile and a firm handshake.  Give them a bulletin.  If they have children, offer the children an age-appropriate children’s bulletin.

Be especially alert for guests attending worship services.  We want them to feel welcome and appreciated.  Greet guests even if it means missing greeting regular worshippers.  Give a “Welcome Visitor” packet to each visiting family unit.  Ask guests to please fill out the congregational information card that is contained within the packet.  (Remember, you give guests their first impression of our church.)

When you greet guests:  Introduce yourself.  Ask their name; use their name in conversation.  (This helps you to  remember it and helps them to feel you care for them as an individual.)  If they have small children, tell them about nursery care and Sunday School classrooms.

If possible, introduce the guest to another person, preferably a regular attendee.

Following worship, be alert for persons who may need assistance in locating their Sunday School classroom.

One greeter should remain in the foyer area until approximately 9:45 a.m. to welcome latecomers.  Help latecomers find a seat when there is an appropriate time to do so in the worship service.  Be careful not to interrupt others as they worship.

Get a substitute if you are unable to fulfill your responsibilities as a greeter at the given time.  Inform Bev Kochsmeier, Church Secretary, of the change in greeters, by calling the church office at 610-865-4899.

 All regular attendees of Steel City Mennonite Church are included in the Greeter’s schedule (scheduled in alphabetical order).  If you prefer not to serve as a greeter, please notify Bev Kochsmeier.


Church Contact Info

Steel City Mennonite Church

2137 Mixsell Avenue

Bethlehem, PA 18015

(610) 865-4899

Service Times

Saturday Night Alive - 7:00pm (Starting September 28)

Sunday Morning - 9:30am
Sunday School - 11:00am